Are your meta tags costing you customers?

What are meta tags? You might not have heard of them, but I can guarantee you’ve seen them whenever you’ve performed an internet search.

Meta tags – or, more specifically, the title tags and meta descriptions I’m talking about in … Read more

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For the love of the Oxford comma

My love for the Oxford comma is second only to my love for the semicolon (see the previous blog post). But what is the Oxford Comma? Also known as the serial comma, or Harvard comma, it’s the comma that occurs … Read more

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How to use a semicolon

Semicolons are my favourite kind of punctuation. Is that terribly nerdy? I like them because they add elegance, variety and clarity to a sentence. Semicolons have two basic uses.

To join related independent clauses in a sentence

If the different … Read more

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One of these things is not like the other

There are times in life when an inbuilt spell checker might not save you, and one of them is when you use a correctly spelled wrong word. Some words seem more prone to confusion than others, and I’ve seen them … Read more

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How to avoid The Greengrocer’s Apostrophe

For such a small symbol, the apostrophe sure does cause people a lot of trouble. Social media, signs and websites everywhere are littered with apostrophes that have no right to be where they are – generally lurking before the sRead more

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7 Twitter accounts that will improve your writing

Twitter sometimes suffers from a bad reputation as the mouthpiece of vacuous celebrities and nasty trolls, but if you follow the right accounts it can be a valuable resource to improve your spelling and grammar. I’ve compiled a small list … Read more

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Beware the Spam Alarm

I received an email recently, and it immediately set off my ‘spam alarm’. What’s a spam alarm? It lives in the part of my brain that goes on alert whenever I receive an email that’s not a gossip-filled letter from … Read more

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